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Sudbury Cooling

Your cooling systems are synced with your air conditioning, whether you have central air conditioning or you have a localized window unit. Both should be maintained with professional care to avoid water leaks, uncontrollable air temperatures, and producing or generating lesser air quality. Our cooling maintenance services help ensure that your cooling systems are in working order, cleaned, and free from excessive debris that can call all of the above issues. When your cooling system is cleared, you’re free to use your central air or window units with greater ease.

Central Air Conditioning

Central air conditioning is units that are spread all throughout your home or office through vents and ductwork that are installed into the ceilings and walls to deliver heating and cooling from one source throughout. Central air conditioning units can become damaged over time if the vents are not cleaned properly and the units are transmitting dirty or dusty air back into the rest of the interior space. To prevent dirty and allergen-ridden air from making its way across the interior space, cleaning your vents and central units will ensure only cool air is transported.

Window Air Conditioning Units

Window air conditioning units are those which are localized to one or more rooms and only have the capacity to cool certain areas because of their size. Window air conditioning units are installed and mounted into the ceiling or wall in the room they’re intended to cool and then connected with ductwork from the other side. However, window air conditioning units do have a tendency to leak from time to time and can accumulate dust and debris on their outside filters when being used for long hours. To avoid having your filter clogged and causing interior leaks, it’s recommended to have your window air conditioning unit cleaned every few months and the filter checked for functionality and wear.

Air Conditioner Cleaning

To prevent your air conditioner from generating and transmitting dusty air, filled with toxins and allergens, we recommend having your units and systems professionally cleaned at least once a year, preferably before you intend to use your units for the first time that season. Since air conditioners are often switched off in the colder months, they can accumulate dust and debris and make it more difficult for them to function when put back into use several months later. While this is certainly true of window units, having your central heating and air system inspected annually by a professional will ensure you don’t run into any issues between the seasons with both systems.

Air Conditioner Repairs

Air conditioner repairs consist of replacing any leaks or noises that are coming from your air conditioning unit. Fans and filters are the most common problems we see, as they can become trapped, rusted, or overfilled with dust and dirt. We’re able to repair any leaks, structural replacements, or assist with updating your unit altogether. We also provide inspections, tune-ups, and water checks to make sure enough moisture is present in your cooling system.

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