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Sudbury Heating

Your heating units become a crucial part of your interiors during the colder months, especially when the Canadian winters are at their peak. We never want you to be in a position where your heating unit is desperately needed and you’re unable to use or access it. Instead, we offer annual inspections of your heating units and can provide tune-ups or cleanings to ensure that it’s ready to go for the upcoming cold season.


If you have a furnace in your home, which is a localized heating unit, then you likely have a standalone structure that can be turned off and on at any given time to generate heat. However, if your furnace doesn’t receive the occasional tune-up, it could be generating heat that doesn’t match the temperature you’ve set the furnace to. It could also be using more energy than needed, which could later appear on your utility bills in higher costs over time.


Central heating units are slightly different than localize furnaces, as they’re connected and generated from the same unit as your air conditioning and are filtered through the same system. Heaters, like air conditioners, also need to be checked on an annual basis to ensure that they’re thoroughly cleaned and able to transport the air through the vents without issue. We recommend having your heaters checked before they need to be put back into use so that your system is ready to run for the winter months and continually.

Water Heaters

While there are various types of water heaters, this doesn’t mean you should stress about how to find the right repairman to take on the challenge of installing or maintaining yours. The two most common types of water heaters found in residential spaces are tanked water heaters and tankless. The tanked water heaters store a supply of water for later use, while the tankless water heaters provide instant hot water with no leftover supply. Both water heaters have their advantages but choosing the right one usually depends on your budget and preference. We help clients not only choose a water heater that fits their needs, but also install them, clean, and repair them – when needed.

Leaks and Replacements

When your heating system or water heaters gradually become worn and the occasional leaks appear, don’t worry as you have options! For heating units, whether it be a furnace or central heating, leaks are usually repaired with localized patching methods to secure the connections and prevent further leaks. If your water heater is leaking, however, this could be highly dangerous and a potential sign of future combustion. If your water heater is caught leaking, it’s much safer to install a new one than to consider trying to repair it. However, our technicians are able to assess and troubleshoot your problems with your heating units and water heaters with ease so you have all the options available when deciding what next steps should be taken to secure your home or building’s heating and water.

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